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Frequently Asked Questions


You have until 6:00 A.M. the day of your event if you need to cancel for weather or any other reason.  Once we have set up, we do not give refunds for any reason including weather. Once we load your equipment and leave our warehouse you are liable for 50% of your rental. Once we setup you are liable for 100% of the rental fees. Once we have set up, we have to pay our employees for their hard work and therefore we require full payment regardless of use. 
Note: Unless, the weather is so bad as to risk our equipment, the decision is up to you since your area might not be affected by weather conditions as much as another.  Our main safety concern is wind When wind speeds are higher than approx. 15-20 MPH, jumps become unsafe regardless of our tie down methods and must be taken down.  If you are concerned, please call our office.


You can view and save a BLANK CONTRACT here. If you would like a copy of your signed and complete contract please email us HERE. Be sure to include your :
Name, Order #, and Event Date


If you cannot seem to find the information you need you can contact us at any time.

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