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  Water Slides
Transform your backyard into a thrilling water wonderland with our premium selection of Inflatable Water Slide Rentals. Perfect for birthdays, parties, or any outdoor event, these inflatable slides provide hours of splashing fun for kids and adults alike. Choose from a variety of sizes and designs to suit your space and preferences. Our durable and safe inflatable water slides are easy to set up and maintain, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you and your guests. Make a splash at your next gathering with our top-quality Inflatable Water Slide Rentals.

Caustic Drop Water Slide

<h4 style='text-align: center;'><strong><span style='color: #0000ff;'>Caustic Drop Water Slide</span></strong></h4>
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Obstacle Course Water Slide

<h4><span style='color: #0000ff;'><strong>Obstacle Course Water Slide</strong></span></h4>
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Double Lane Water Slide

<h4><span style='color: #0000ff;'><strong>Double Lane Water Slide</strong></span></h4>
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Multi Color Water Slide

<h4><span style='color: #0000ff;'><strong>Multi Color Water Slide</strong></span></h4>
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Princess House Water Slide

<h4 style='text-align: center;'><strong><span style='color: #0000ff;'>Princess House Water Slide</span></strong></h4>
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Tropical Water Slide

<h4><span style='color: #0000ff;'><strong>Tropical Water Slide</strong></span></h4>
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Tropical Double Lane Water Slide Combo

<h4><span style='color: #0000ff;'><strong>Tropical Double Lane Water Slide Combo </strong></span></h4>
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Sun Coast Splash Double Lane Water Slide Combo

<h4><span style='color: #0000ff;'><strong>Sun Coast Splash Double Lane Water Slide Combo </strong></span></h4>
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Tampa Tide 18 Foot Water Slide

<h4><span style='color: #0000ff;'><strong>Tampa Tide 18 Foot Water Slide </strong></span></h4>
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Blue Marble Obstacle Water Slide

<h4><span style='color: #0000ff;'><strong>Blue Marble Obstacle Water Slide </strong></span></h4>
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Mermaid Water Slide

<h4><span style='color: #0000ff;'><strong>Mermaid Water Slide </strong></span></h4>
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70 Foot Blue Marble Obstacle Course Water Slide

<h4><span style='color: #0000ff;'><strong>70 Foot Blue Marble Obstacle Course Water Slide </strong></span></h4>
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Church Or School Events

Are you searching for a water slide rental for your upcoming church or school event? Look no further! We guarantee prompt delivery and setup, ensuring your event runs smoothly from start to finish. Let us take care of all the details so you can focus on having a fantastic time!
Book At A Church Or School
Book At A Church Or School

Private Venue Events

Rent water slides for your private event with ease. Our punctual delivery ensures a stress-free experience. Enjoy hassle-free setup and teardown services.
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Book At A Private Venue

Dry Slides - NO WATER

Explore our selection of dry slides - perfect for those looking for water-free fun! Click here to view our dry slide options.
View Dry Slides
View Dry Slides

How To Book Your Water Slide Rental Online Now:

To book a rental click on the link for your rental type under the item you would like to rent. Check the dimensions to your setup area and add the item to your cart. Select your date/time and checkout. A non-refundable down payment based on your total will be required to book a reservation. The reservation minimum ranges from $15-20% and will be returned as a rain check in the event of cancellation.  Feel free to call or email our office at (813)-539-1278 or if you have any questions or concerns.

Water Slide Combo Requirements

  • One competent monitor during all periods of use.
  • 110v Outlet (x2) within 100 ft. of the desired placement of the unit.
  • Secure tie down locations on all anchor points of the unit.
  • Do not exceed weight limits. 800-1000 lbs. MAX
  • Do not exceed participant maximum. 6-8 Kids 2 Adults MAX
  • ONE at a time down the slide
  • 20 MPH winds require EMERGENCY procedure.
  • Deflation, power issues, and other problems: Check the troubleshooting section for help.
  • Water hookup and enough hose to reach the unit

Water Slide Combo Rules

  • Turn on and inflate any equipment prior to pickup.
  • Turn off any Sprinkler Systems from the time of delivery until equipment is picked up.
  • Do not bring ANYTHING into the unit.
  • Remove shoes.
  • No glasses or other sharp objects.
  • No rough play, flips or, fighting.
  • No Candy, Food or any other substance inside the unit(s).
  • Dry Rentals are NOT to be used wet for any reason other than rain.
  • ONE person down the slide at a time
  • *Water Slide rentals are required to turn off water, drain the pool and allow unit to air dry for a minimum of 2 hours after use.

Residential Events will Always Include The Following:

- Professional setup and tear down by a friendly and experienced crew.

- Delivery the morning of your event between 6:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. with pickup the next morning.

( Special Delivery and Pick Up times can be requested during checkout for an additional cost. )

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