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Non-Staffed Rental Reqirements

You will need to provide.

  • Electricity within 100 Ft, of unit placement.
  • Water hookup and enough hose to reach the equipment if applicable.
  • A clean and clear path for setup.
  • Access to equipment at pick up.


  • Turn on and inflate any equipment prior to pickup.
  • Turn off any Sprinkler Systems from the time of delivery until equipment is picked up.
  • Water Slides must be Drained and left inflated to dry a minimum of TWO hours before pickup.
  • If the unit becomes dirty or muddy you are required to wipe clean the excess dirt and mud, and sweep out the floor of the unit.

Operator Responsibilities

  • Supervision of the rental equipment at all times without exception.
  • Ensure safety precautions are followed at all times.
  • Make sure all users are following the rules.
  • Watch equipment and follow emergency procedure in the event of damage or failure.

Jumper Rules

  • Do not bring ANYTHING into the unit.
  • Remove shoes.
  • No glasses or other sharp objects.
  • No rough play, flips or, fighting.
  • No Candy, Food or any other substance inside the unit(s).


  • Do not exceed weight limits. 800-1000 lbs. MAX
  • Do not exceed participant maximum. 6-8 Kids 2-3 Adults MAX
  • One at a time up and down slides. (You will be charged for damages)
  • 20 MPH winds require EMERGENCY procedure.
  • Deflation, power issues, and other problems: Check the troubleshooting section for help. Or call our office (813)-539-1278

Emergency Procedure

  • Remove all participants immediately.
  • Turn off the blower.
  • Unplug the extension cord.
  • Open emergency zippers.
  • Call our office (813)-539-1278

Failure to follow these requirements may result in additional fees including but not limited to replacement, repair, cleaning and/or drying as described in our Rental Agreement.

Follow emergency procedure immediately and call our office. (813)-539-1278

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